Many countries have finally opened back up to tourists, and people are planning hiking adventures. You do need to know the regulations specific to each country so that you have a safe trip. Take a look at some of the best places to plan a hiking trip in Europe.

  1. The Alps, Tour du Mont Blanc

This tour covers France, Italy, and Switzerland, and it lasts seven to eleven days. It is over a distance of 110 miles. This is one of the most popular hiking trips in Europe, and it isn’t overly challenging. Most of the time, you hike through forests and alpine villages. You will also ford some rivers, which can be frozen at certain times in the year. You normally begin and end in Chamonix, France. Most campers bring a four-season lightweight tent.

  1. Via Dinarica

This hiking trip is in The Balkans, and it covers 808 miles. It takes three months to do the entire trip. There is less foot traffic here than there is in the Alps, but it has become more popular in recent years. You will hike across old war routes, shepherd paths, and established trails. You will enjoy crossing Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania. You will see old stone fortresses, medieval gravestones, and ruins from kingdoms of the past.

  1. The Dolomites

This hiking trip is in Italy, and it takes 10 or more days to cover 62 miles. The Dolomites are in north eastern Italy, and they are considered a UNESCO world heritage site. There are limestone peaks, meadows in the valleys, trenches from World War I, and more. There are several different hiking trails, and camping is forbidden. However, you will find many mountain huts along the way.

  1. Norwegian Fjords

This hiking trip is along Norway’s west coast, and you can go one day or multiple days. This is one of the most unique coastlines in the world. The coastline is 18,000 miles with 1200 fjords. There are mountains rising up between them, and waterfalls, riverside forests, and cliffs. You will also see many different animals such as sea eagles, pelicans, puffins, and reindeer.