Safety is one of the most critical factors that travelers consider when choosing a hotel. We always prioritize our safety when staying at hotels. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Criminals can easily target these establishments because they assume that travelers are easy targets.

While hotels have made efforts to prioritize guest safety, it’s still important that travelers take the necessary steps to ensure their safety when traveling. Some of the most effective steps that you can implement to feel safer while staying at a hotel are:


Before you book a hotel, make sure that you thoroughly research the facility and its surrounding area. You can also use Google Street View to get a good idea of its location. In addition, take a look at the reviews and ensure that the hotel has good safety standards.

Requesting Rooms with Care

Another essential factor you should consider when choosing a hotel is its location. If you’re planning on staying on the first and second floors, avoid these areas as they are prone to crime. On the 3rd-6th floors, fewer areas are prone to crime, and you can easily get out of the building in the event of an emergency.

Stay with Your Luggage

Make sure to carry your luggage when entering the lobby, as a thief could easily take advantage of the busy atmosphere.

Shut Your Curtains

This will also help you sleep better as it will keep your schedule private. Having curtains closed will give you a physical blocker, as well as keep you from knowing when your room is not being left unattended. Also, make sure to keep in mind that other people can see through your window if you’re staying in a building.

Don’t Keep Your Room Key in the Envelope

When you check in, take your room key card out of the pocket that the front desk uses to hand you. This is because losing this card can let someone access your room, as the number will be on it. The staff will be unable to recognize which room it is associated with if lost.

Locks & Door Security

Ensure the lock is working correctly, and lock it whenever you are in your room. You should also use a door wedge to secure the door, especially when you are in the shower or sleeping. Crooks are known to try and get hired by hotels as they usually have no record and can easily access spare room keys. They can wait until you are in the shower or sleeping before robbing you.

Do Not Disturb

If you have a sign on the door, well-trained staff members should not disturb you unless you’re late. This could be a red flag if you hear a noise at the door. The hotel will call your cell phone or room to inform you if they need to contact you. In an emergency, they might also make a verbal announcement or siren in the hallways.