Ivana Ivanovic


About Ivana Ivanovic

Ivana Ivanovic resides in Vienna, Austria, where she serves as a Management Consultant for Easytax Steuerberatung GmbH. She works with companies to identify and provides solutions for issues. Prior to this role, she led a long career with SKS365 Group GmbH. After co-founding this company in 2009, Ivana continued to serve as a board member for many years and promote the company’s growth through strategic planning.

Throughout her life, Ivana placed a significant emphasis on charity. Since she was a young teenager, she dreamed of helping women, children and the elderly. Ivana has always been committed to social justice by providing different types of assistance, especially to children without parental assistance. As she has always considered her business as a means to help the less fortunate, Ivana Ivanovic established the SKS365 Charity Foundation through her company in 2012. This charity strives to provide equal opportunities for each child, no matter their background. Through providing financial support, educational opportunities and more, the charity has been able to create a more carefree childhood and increased educational opportunities for those in marginalized communities. 

Other charitable causes Ivana has been involved in include providing financial support to a hospital, financially supporting the reconstruction of a village in Haiti and more. 

Prior to co-founding this company and foundation, Ivana was active in several industries throughout different countries. From 2001 until 2009, Ivana Ivanovic worked for a company in the gaming and entertainment industry. She began as an Operations Supervisor, overseeing activities and the overall efficiency of departments. After a few years in this role, she took on the additional responsibilities involved with being promoted to CEO. These responsibilities included developing business strategies, setting budgets, building the senior management team, forming partnerships and more. 

Before working here, Ivana worked as an International Content Advisor in England. She was involved in translating, proofreading and testing a wide range of content on company websites. Prior to using her translating skills here, she used them in roles for two different companies in Italy. In Rome, Ivana served as a tour guide, providing interpretation to people on organized tours, individual clients, religious and historical sites and more. Her other role was based in Milan, where she acted as an interpreter and translator for journalistic TV shows.

Ivana’s versatile career has allowed her to meet individuals from many different walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Ivana Ivanovic has also pursued her love of travel throughout her life and career. Seeing as her career has taken her through many countries, Ivana is no stranger to embracing new cultures and opportunities. She believes that all travelers can unite under this one fundamental desire: a need to feel a difference somehow. 

In Ivana’s experience, travel is what has reminded her time and time again of the differences in the world. Through these differences, she has also been reminded of the similarities shared between people of all walks of life. Travel has grown her love and understanding of the world around her. Taking a particular interest in arts and culture, Ivana enjoys experiencing each city’s theatres, museums, galleries and libraries throughout her travels, especially as she sees a direct correlation between these establishments and their ability to tackle social justice issues.

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