One of the best ways to travel the world is by volunteering. You can do something you feel good about, give back, and explore the world while you do it. When you volunteer abroad, you often have free places to stay, and sometimes your entire trip is free. You can have memorable experiences as well. There are a lot of opportunities, so take a look at some of the places you can volunteer for free stays.

  1. Volunteer on Farms

If you enjoy being outdoors and working on a farm, you can travel to a farm abroad and volunteer. There is a fruit farm in Urubici, Brazil where you help with the crops, learn about sustainability and agriculture, and take care of animals. They give you a free place to stay, meals, laundry, and other perks. You will meet locals, and people love this experience. There are farm programs in many different countries if this is the experience you are looking for.

  1. Take Care of Animals

There are some amazing opportunities to take care of animals abroad in exchange for a place to stay. You can go to an animal sanctuary in Mexico where you take courses and engage in digital work. Create content about animals there. Another option is to care for rescue animals in Arambol, India. You get to stay in a hut by the river, and you will meet locals there.

  1. Volunteer at an ECO Village

If you enjoy the outdoors, you can learn about sustainability by volunteering at an ECO village. There is one in Sammatz, Germany, where you help with farming, woodwork, and construction. You learn how to be more eco-friendly while meeting people from all over the world. You can also travel to a jungle island property in Costa Del Sol, El Salvador. You can work to help the community build and grow. You will also get to swim, hike, surf, and enjoy yourself outdoors while you are there.

  1. Volunteer to Work with Children

There are great opportunities to travel and work with children. You can go to Vietnam and teach English to children. You can have a huge impact. They also need help in the day-care. You can travel to a farm in Alban, Colombia to teach children how to be creative. You will also do some farming and help take care of animals while you are there.