We mostly think of road trips as a domestic vacation to be conducted close to home, but more and more people are doing road trips abroad. Europe is well-known as a landmass that contains a ton of different countries, so road-tripping across it can expose you to a wide range of different cultures and landmarks without totally breaking the bank. Here are some amazing European road trips to add to your bucket list.

Germany – Autobahn 

The Autobahn is Germany’s most extensive system of highways, and it’s famous for an unusual feature – outside of the urban regions, there are no speed limits. If you or your travel buddy has a bit of a lead foot, the Autobahn might be the perfect spot.

Ireland – Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry is the perfect way to see everything that Ireland has to offer – it’s a 200 km loop that takes you through mountains and forests and past lakes and rivers, not to mention a whole host of adorable villages. It even takes you past Skellig Michael Island, which featured in the most recent Star Wars movies. 

Italy – The Amalfi Coast

If you’re seeking warmer climes, look no further than southern Italy. The Amalfi Coast leaves all of the treasures of Italy on display – food, architecture, scenery, museums, and any other cultural sight you can think of. Not to mention it’s always bordered by the endless blue Mediterranean.

France – La Route des Grandes Alpes

This route was specifically built for tourists traveling through the scenic region, so of course it makes one heck of a road trip. There are no less than four national parks and 16 mountain passes on this drive, perfect for hikers and nature lovers alike. 

Norway – Trollstigen

This is also a mountain pass, which is known as the Troll Route. The name is apt, considering that Norway is laid out like a fairytale along this route. From mountains to waterfalls to villages frozen in time, this is one of the most scenic drives in Europe.