Everyone has a travel wish list, and most people’s lists overlap. Major historical cities, natural wonders, and national landmarks are incredibly popular because they’re beautiful and exciting. They’re also usually really crowded.

If you’re not into wading through overcrowded tourist spots, there are quieter alternatives that still offer the breathtaking views and experiences that the main tourist spots do. Here are a few of those spots.

Portugal – The Alentejo Villages

Portugal is well-known for its diversity and affordability for beginner travelers. While there are definitely some tourism-heavy spots in the gorgeous Alentejo region, particularly the village of Evora, there are some villages that are quieter but maintain the same cultural richness and beauty. The villages of Serpa and Mertola are good places to start for a more peaceful countryside experience.

Estonia – Tallinn’s Pirita Beach 

Estonia is a beautiful little country in northeastern Europe, bordered by Russia and Latvia. Estonia is already a lesser traveled European destination, and its capital city, Tallinn, is one of the smallest capitals in Europe. Despite this, it’s filled with adorable cafes, a port where many cruises stop, and a gorgeous set of beaches that are absolutely to die for.

Ireland – Burren National Park 

In general, national parks are huge tourist attractions. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit them, but if you’re not keen on battling with crowds during the high seasons, there are a few parks that are quieter all year round. One of these is Burren National Park, which is located in County Clare in Western Ireland. The Burren is a rocky region with few trees, but the views are still absolutely breathtaking.

Taiwan – Taipei’s Yangmingshan National Park 

Taipei itself is a pretty busy tourist city, mostly because of its excellent café culture and numerous famous memorials. But if you’re willing to wander to the outskirts of the city, you’ll find yourself in the beautiful solitude of Yangmingshan National Park, which is known to have areas that are very peaceful and less traveled.