Austrian Beer

Austria is an excellent destination for beer lovers – the country has a long, distinguished history of brewing, and there’s an incredible mix between small breweries with established reputations and traditions and newer craft breweries that are producing some of the most interesting beer around. Here are some awesome breweries to visit while you’re in the beer capital of the world.

Upper Austria – Freistädter Brewery

This brewery has been operative since 1363, and its product is truly derived from the land around it. They use water from the local bedrock, hops grown in the nearby Mühlviertel region, and malt from the Weinviertel region. It’s all topped off by a closely guarded proprietary strain of yeast that makes the beer that comes from this brewery high quality, every time.

Salzburg – Stiegl Brewery

This brewery has been recognized by the highest echelons of beer lovers, and they’re world renowned for their quality. The best part about visiting this particular brewery is that they are responsible for maintaining the Brauwelt Museum, aka the History of Brewing Museum. This is a great experience if you’ve ever been curious about the history of beer or how it’s made.

Vienna – Ottakringer Brewery

Ottakringer is Vienna’s best-known, best-loved beer, but they’re also known for producing remarkable seasonal beers. Each craft specialty draws its character from which of the main ingredients it’s most influenced by – hops, yeast, or malt.

Burgenland – Golser Brewery

The Golser Brewery is known for its fine ingredients and embracing of the most modern brewing technologies to create a smooth, gorgeous beer. Their hand-picked chestnuts, spelt, herbs, fruits, and spices make their beer incredibly unique.

Tirol – Zillertal Brewery

This is an incredibly important historical brewery with over 500 years of tradition and history under its belt. Their beer is brewed according to a set of traditions that has been passed down from generation to generation, even though the brewery has long since adopted modern brewing methods. Their carefully selected regional ingredients are the key to their beer’s unique flavor.